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Beach Ride

Riding on the beach of Son Serra de Marina is a wonderful experience.

Try it for yourself, no matter what your level of ability. As we head off into our pine forest you can relax and enjoy some of the most unspoiled landscapes in Mallorca. The forest is known for its beautiful foliage and sandy trails. Passing down through the forest we reach the beach of Son Sera de Marina, with its clear water, pristine sand and native plants. Following along the sand dunes we head towards Colonia San Pere, passing by traditional Mallorquin houses.

Riding in these stunning locations is a treat for any cowboy experienced or not!

The beach rides are accompanied by our own expert riders, who know by name and temperament each and every horse in the ranch. They will be able to take into account the level of each person and match them to the horse that will suit them the best. On the beach ride excursion you can enjoy walking, trotting or galloping, depending on your own ability.

The beach ride duration is normally two hours; however we can also take groups out for three hours.


2 hours: 50€
3 hours: 70€



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